Everything has a natural rhythm. The waxing and waning moon, the rising and setting sun, the ebb and flow of the tide… it’s all happening within the rhythm of the Earth, the Solar System, the Universe. There is a pulse of LIFE. From the microcosm to the macrocosm the pulse exists in all systems and living things.

We can work within this pulse to find our own natural rhythms. There are some larger rhythms that a majority of people fall into, like, going to sleep at night and rising in the morning, eating roughly around the same times of day and having a lull in energy in the afternoon. But, each of us has our own unique rhythm. Some of us are more aware of this than others. But, we all have the ability to tune into our own vibration to maximize our potential, and have greater compassion for ourselves within our daily experience.

When do you feel your best? When are you most likely to find yourself “in the zone” of ease and productive flow? We all have times of the day when we think more clearly and have more natural energy. And there are also times when our bodies and minds are sending us signals that it is time to slow down and check in. The more aware we are of these signals, the more we can care for ourselves. A well cared for body and mind is going to give you the best performance and daily experience.

Imagine the feeling of fighting against the tides of the ocean. The surges of power that come through each wave can easily knock a person down even when that person has seen it coming. It’s exhausting to try and stand against a wave. It’s also exhilarating to ride a wave. The power of that wave can send you flying forward at a speed you could never manage on your own. And this is exactly what it’s like to be tuned into the natural rhythm of your body and mind. Your own natural rhythm will propel you forward as you learn to tune into what your body wisdom is sharing with you.

Think of yourself as an original piece of music. You may be a rock song, a love ballad, an epic symphony and you may be all of these as you move through your own days and seasons. Listen to the song of your body, your energy, your Heart. What does it sound like? As you tune into the music of your Being, what is it asking of you? Is it time to get up and dance with abandon? Is it time to feel deeply and shed some tears? Is it time to move slowly and listen intently? Tune into the beautiful song that you are always singing.

There is always a pulse and rhythm beating as the Essence of who are. As you tune into your natural rhythm you will learn to easily hear the beauty and wisdom of your personal song. Your song emanates from the same natural rhythm that moves a bird to sing, the waves to roll across the ocean and the moon to rise in the darkening night sky. Let your song join in the chorus of music that is the world we live in. As you tune in and dance to your rhythm it will connect you with the original pulse of LIFE. The pulse of Divine LOVE Consciousness.

You are LOVE.