I am a Peace Ambassador

Starting with my own Heart

Taking time each day to invite the Angels & Energies of Peace into my Heart

Letting that Light of Peace shine out through my body, my mind, my very essence – into all aspects of my life

I feel all my emotions

I let them all live and flow as the precious messengers they are

And I watch them all with the Love of Peace

I shine Peace through my grief

I shine Peace through my frustration

I shine Peace though my darkness

Knowing that Light of Peace has the power to transmute & trancend

all that I feel, all that I do, all that I am

I shine Peace through my mind

Letting it wash through my thoughts & belief systems

Revealing a mind that easily transmutes into a river of Light

Pouring forth wisdom, understanding and solutions awash in Peace

I shine Peace through my body

Letting Peace infuse every structure, every cell and all the spaces in between

Revealing a body that moves and serves with Peace as it’s guiding purpose

Restoring the body as a Divine Temple that speaks, acts and resonates with Peace

I shine Peace through my Spirit

Letting Peace reveal that it is infinite and ever present

Peace revealing Peace

Gently dissolving anything unlike Peace

Peace vibrating and shining through my very Beingness

Peace in every thought

Peace in every step

Peace in every breath

Peace is my foundation

Peace is my medicine

Peace is my LIGHT

I am Peace

I am a Peace Ambassador

Peace, Peace, Peace