Online Breathwork Journey:

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Breathwork is a powerful tool, with a building field of scientific study behind it. Breathwork practice can create transformation and healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. For each person, the breathwork journey is unique. And for each person it seems to be unique each and every time, bringing the insights and shifts you most need in that moment.

It is common to feel your body tingling as life force flows in with every breath. Creative ideas may flood in solving problems and illuminating new ways of doing things. Some have visions, mystical experiences and connection with the Divine. Others revisit birth or childhood experiences that once seemed impossible to access. Clear, insightful self-awareness can occur ~ limiting beliefs which are normally unconscious become visible. People often experience a variety of emotions and physical sensations ranging from laughter to healing tears. You are encouraged to embrace and breath with it all! Breathwork creates a safe space to feel what comes up so it can be seen and then released, freeing you from old, stuck energy and outdated thoughts and beliefs.  Many people have a direct experience of the beauty of life, a sense of their purpose and connection across space and time. And people often leave feeling clear, peaceful, full of warmth and gratitude.

The breathwork journey is sensitively led with vocal guidance, empowering affirmations, music and sound healing. Sacred space and prayer are invoked to create ease and safety.  You can arrive with “nothing to work on” and have extremely profound, life-changing insights. Breathwork is a catalyst to transform and uplevel everything which no longer serves you and provide you with clarity about who you really are.

Breathwork Journey in Penastanan, Bali