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Luminous Human School

with Kristi Sandeno & Lindsay Davis

Embody expansive abundance, dissolve imagined boundaries and limiting ideas, and open yourself to the luminous light that is the truth of who you are.

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We hope that you feel uplifted and inspired when you listen, and we hope that you take away new tools for being your most luminous human self. Join us as we share our intimate conversations and sit down with some of the most heart-centered, inspiring guests in the field of spirituality, self love, wellness and manifestation. New episodes every week — so join us and subscribe.

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Breathing Light with Kristi Sandeno

A very powerful experience

“During Breathwork with Kristi, I had a very powerful experience. At one point my body felt like it was levitating, my vision felt strong and trusting.
 Kristi’s voice and narrative was magical and inspiring, with moments of flow and pure delight. Taking the energy from the sessions and integrating into every day life, it has helped to clarify my hopes and vision for my future.”

— Pip R.
Holistic Spiritual Breath Coach, UK

Breathwork strengthens your nervous system, strengthens your immune system and expands your ability to feel and receive love.

Breathwork is a beautiful and simple way to strengthen and balance your nervous system response. Using specific breath patterns we shift the nervous system from a resting state into an activated state and back into resting. This not only feels incredible but you also access all of your body’s natural healing ability. You move into balance. Your body learns how to rebound from stress more quickly and easily. Conscious, guided breathwork trains your physical and emotional bodies so that you feel at home within yourself and experience higher states of awareness, including peace, joy and creativity.

I assist you in discovering a deeper understanding of who you are and how to align with your Soul signature and true purpose. This work dissolves blocks and limiting belief systems so that you can move into a feeling of balance and ease. Every event and session is held as a safe and loving space for you to release what no longer serves you, so that your strength, health, and unique radiance awaken and shine through.

I’m here to support you in connecting to that infinite source of life that allows you to live with purpose, peace, and joy.



Kristi Sandeno loves sharing the benefits of breathwork and the healing arts, which she has been immersed in for over 30 years.

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