Online Breathwork Journey

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It’s time to breathe and open to more life and more love — for ourselves and for each other.
This is an active meditation practice of rhythmic, connected, conscious breathing with guidance and music.

For your comfort, please set yourself up somewhere comfortable, on your couch or yoga mat, have a blanket, water, tissue and anything you need to feel supported. I also encourage you to bring a journal to make note of any insights, new awareness, breakthroughs or creative ideas that come through your breathwork journey.

About Breathwork & Healing

All sessions, ceremonies and offerings are based in the knowing that each person already has everything they need within. No one needs to be fixed, changed or saved. Healing is the process of tapping into the fundamental order that is already within each of us.

We are here to participate in the miracle of life and partner with the invisible force that weaves love, beauty and intelligence through and between all living things.

I incorporate 30 years of spiritual practice, study and training to create customized healing sessions and events that infuse the sacred within daily life to create more abundance, health, joy and freedom.