You are ADORE-able. Truly and completely ADORE-able. Puppies, rainbows and bubbles ADORE-able. If you knew how much you are adored, you would melt into a sea of Divine BLISS like an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. Divine LOVE Consciousness is the spark that lights your Soul. And, in every moment of your journey you are LOVED.

Quick – list 10 things you adore about yourself. Go ahead. Just stop reading for a moment and do a quick mental list.

How did it go? Easy? Could you keep going? Or did you slow down when you got to numbers 5 or 6? Or did you stall right from the start? There is no good or bad or right or wrong here. It’s just a quick exercise to note where you are on the scale of appreciating YOU. Whether you didn’t find a single lovable thing or your list continued on well after 10, you are still completely ADORE-able. Enjoy that there is room to grow.

(In fact, no matter what, forever, there is always room to grow – so really – just enjoy it.)

It is often easy to look at others living life and think they have something you don’t. You may love the way a friend speaks so sweetly to her children or how she encourages her employees even when they make a mistake that costs the company time or money. You may admire the way a family member seems to smile so easily and always remembers to say thank you. Or you may marvel at a stranger picking up an empty cup off the sidewalk and throwing it in a trash bin. The list of wonderful and admirable qualities in others is endless.

And, it’s interesting to notice how you relate to yourself when you notice these things. Do you think, “Wow, that is such an amazing quality! I’m inspired!” or do you think, “Oh man, she is so good (nice, organized, smart, strong, disciplined, kind) Why can’t I be like that?” Do you generally tap into a feeing of inspiration and energy or do you collapse in on yourself? I imagine most everyone does both, depending on the day and mood and if you slept or ate lunch or if your jeans fit that morning or a million other variables.

But, here is the trick… the more (gentle, loving) awareness you put on your reaction to others (as a direct revelation of how loving you are being to yourself in that moment) and the degree to which you appreciate yourself, the more you can lean towards tapping into an inner well of self-love. Holding yourself with love creates a core of peace, energy, compassion and inspiration.

We all embody beautiful and inspiring qualities. Why does it seem so easy to skip right over noticing them in yourself?

Well, that answer is complicated. But, let me briefly list a few things that stand out. Societal norms teach the value of humility while openly criticizing people who behave in an egotistical or arrogant way. (Which is also usually not self-love or confidence but an over compensation for lack of self-love and self-confidence) Humans to want to fit in and be accepted. There is some sort of evolutionary pull to blend as a survival tactic. And then there is the basic process of growing up in a world where dancing around wildly or yelling at top volume will usually be discouraged by the parent or teacher that wants you to stay safe or be quiet or calm down. Nothing malicious in intent. And essential life lessons. But, over the course of a lifetime, this experience and learning dampens a persons connection to their natural impulses of joy, celebration, movement, intuition and self-expression. Unfortunately, in the process of learning to control yourself and fit in, you start to feel that there is something, or many things, wrong with you. And slowly, you lose your connection to loving your naturally ADORE-able self.

You are overflowing with an inner wealth of love, light, inspiration, creativity and energy. Yes, YOU! Each and every person on this planet has a natural connection to an unlimited treasure trove of wonderful qualities. You are, not just multi-faceted, but an infinitely-faceted, shining jewel.

Not sure what’s adorable about you yet? Why not start with adoring yourself for just wanting to adore yourself. What a sweet and loving impulse that is. Do you wish you were more patient in long lines? You can adore yourself for liking things to move fast. And you can adore yourself for noticing that you have room to grow in patience. Just turning towards yourself with gentle adoration for where you are right now can soften qualities you would like to change, without having to force anything.

For bonus points, you can practice adoring the parts of yourself you find less ADORE-able. Every part of you is valuable and lovable. And you are the best person for the job. Start an adoration journal. Every night write 5 things in your journal that you adore about yourself. If you need to write the same 5 things for several nights, that’s great too. It’s time to turn the gratitude back in towards the self. Appreciate the things that no one else sees. The kind thought that no one hears. The silent prayer for people you will never meet. There is so much to LOVE about you. You are ADORE-able.

You are LOVED.