Corporate Events & Festivals

I guide uplifting experiences where people are able to reclaim their energy, health & enjoyment of all aspects of life. These range from small intimate events to large group retreats and festivals. Essentially, we work together to put the LIFE back in life. This not only re-aligns each person with their health and vitality but increases co-operation and creativity in the work space. 

2 hour to multiple day offerings available

I combine years of training and experience in breathwork, energy healing, intuitive guidance and strategic intervention coaching to discover what’s not working, facilitate the release of old belief systems and ways of doing things and create new plans and practices for moving forward, as both individuals and a team. While the work is gentle, it is very deep. This work clears the path for the authentic, passionate, empowered self to step forward. Each one of us has the capacity to consciously connect with the part of ourself that is whole, confident and free! When we tap into our infinite, Source energy we find a vast pool of creativity, inspiration and abundance that has always been there, ready to be experienced and expressed.

It’s not about “staying strong” or “thinking positive”. This work creates true, deep, lasting shifts that empower individuals to trust themselves and live from that space of co-creation, creativity, wisdom and clarity.

One-on-One sessions held on Zoom