Enter The Sacred Heart

Hello Divine Lovers ~

I invite you to come on a sweet and mystical journey with me today.

Find a comfortable space. Turn off your phone or anything that might distract you. Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Breathe deeply into the base of your diaphragm. And start to gently turn your attention inwards. Tune into your breath, feel the softness of the air as it moves through every part of your body calming everything it touches. As you continue to turn your attention inwards, start to notice a soft light that permeates every part of your being. It glows from within as if every cell in your Being is illuminated. It glows from without, surrounding you in a blanket of soft light. With every exhale you notice that you are relaxing deeper and deeper. Any tension in your body and Being easily dissolves into the LIGHT that is expanding around you and within you.

As you place your attention within your Heart, you start to sense a path opening in front of you through your mind’s eye. You may be able to see this path in your mind’s eye or, if not, you feel the energy of this path and trust that it is there. As you continue to breathe and relax into your body, see yourself stepping forward onto this path. Let thoughts that enter your mind pass through like clouds in the sky. And let yourself easily drift and float forward on this path. You move forward like a breeze without any effort. You feel safe and totally at ease.

After a few moments, you arrive in front of an immense pink crystal, glowing with inner LIGHT. There is a hum coming from within this crystal that is one of the most beautiful sounds you have ever heard. And as this soothing music surrounds you and wafts through your Being you are filled with indescribable PEACE.

You approach the crystal and place your hands upon it. It feels smooth and pleasurable to the touch. You continue to feel a great PEACE washing over you as you take in this crystal, how it looks, how it feels and the music from within.

Gradually, a door manifests in front of you and you know that you are being welcomed inside. You step inside this magnificent crystal and find that you are in a space so large it appears infinite. You are surrounded by LIGHT and color and the hum of music that feels like the softest of blankets and the lightest of clouds.

And, all of a sudden, like unexpectedly seeing someone you adore across a room, you know exactly where you are. You have entered into the most Sacred of spaces. You are in the Temple of your Divine Heart. This is the center of the Divine Spark, the Truth of who you are. Take in the beauty of this Sacred space. Breathe in the LIGHT, the color, the sweet, soothing music – this is the essence of YOU. You are in the center of pure Divine LOVE. You are this LOVE. This is your Truth and your essence. Feel this magnificent LOVE permeating every aspect of your Being and spilling over into every part of your Life. Feel it’s ability to color your thoughts, your words and your actions. Feel it’s music dancing through your thoughts, your words, your actions. Let this Divine LOVE wash over you and through you.

When you are ready, bring your awareness back to your breath. Start to notice your breath moving through your hands and feet. Slowly stretch your arms and legs and bring your awareness back into the room you are in. Take your time. And open your eyes when you are ready.

This LOVE is with you in every moment of every day. Call on it and it will bubble up into your awareness. Start to visualize the Crystalline Temple of your Heart in you and surrounding you as you move through your day. Take this LOVE journey whenever you feel called to enter the Temple of the Sacred Heart. You will receive guidance here that you can not find when just trying to “think” of a solution. Every time you enter this space of LOVE & LIGHT that is the essence of who you are, you will raise your energetic vibration and shift your outer life through connection to the inner LIGHT of LOVE.

I hope you find great PEACE and LOVE in this journey.

You are LOVE.