Sometimes it’s easy to miss the beauty that is all around us, every day. You don’t even have to slow down very much to see it if you just remember to look. It’s habit. And there are just as many good habits as there are bad habits. And, this is actually a pretty rewarding habit to start – and all you have to do is remember to look for beauty and take it in.

So, here are some pointers to get you started. And don’t be surprised if you do find yourself slowing down to take it all in. The beauty in this world just might change you forever, if you let it.

A brilliant pinky orange sunrise

Strings of car lights on the highway after dark

An ant carrying 10 times his weight on his way back home

The intricate patterns in the bark on a tree

Flowers blooming on the edge of a parking lot

The smell of a baby

The sound of the ocean rolling over the beach

A bird taking an early morning bath in the lawn sprinklers

Overhearing someone say “I love you” before they hang up their cell phone

Someone picking up and returning something a person dropped without noticing

Crystals of ice frozen over a window

Green lights all the way

The smile that spreads across someone’s face when the person they are meeting walks in

Hearing “thank you”

A cool breeze

The sun on your shoulders

Bare feet on a clean floor

Freshly washed sheets on a freshly made bed

A big, love filled hug

Stars sparkling in the black night sky

The sound of wind chimes

Sweet music drifting out of an open window

A cold glass of water on a hot day

Leaves on a tree rustling in the wind

A crystal hanging in the window and splashing rainbows everywhere

An old stone wall

The sound of children laughing

Tables and chairs filled with people at a sidewalk cafe

Puffy white clouds in a bright blue sky

Palm tree lining the sides of the road as far as the eye can see

You (yes, you. the one reading this. you are infinitely beautiful.)

Try making your own list. I’d love to hear some of your beautiful things.

And as always, remember, you are LOVE.