Do you feel loved? Truly, deeply, unconditionally loved? Imagine waking up in the morning and feeling loved in your first moments of conscious awareness. Imagine going through your day with a loving, supportive voice coaching you through each moment. And imagine going to sleep at night surrounded by a gentle energy of peace that lets you know you did your best, even when you think you didn’t, and that was enough. You are loved. It is the Love of the Divine Mother kissing you awake, carrying you in her arms throughout the day and singing you sweetly to sleep each night.

And now imagine that this love isn’t coming from some external place outside of you, but that it is flowing abundantly and effortlessly from within you. Because not only are you LOVED, but you are LOVE itself. Imagine your heart as an infinite fountain of love that washes over and permeates every cell of your Being and washes through your surroundings every where you are. The Divine Mother within. This pure love energy is the very essence of who you are. You don’t have to just imagine it, you can live feeling connected to this energy and let it permeate every aspect of your life.

Now, I know, you may be thinking – “I sure don’t feel love flowing from the center of Being.” I get it. We have not been conditioned to access love from the inside out. We have been taught from Day 1 that we have to “get” love, by being good, by being pretty, by being smart, by being a winner – but, never just by “Being”. But, the truth is, we can experience abundant love just by “Being.” We live in a sea of energy, where like-energy attracts like-energy. So, the more we are “Being” the essence of who we are, LOVE, the more we attract love in to our experience. The outside reflects the inside, even if only through perception. Because our perceptions of our world are formed by what is going on inside of us.

So, maybe the best question is, how do we access “Being” this fountain of LOVE? As you might guess, it starts in solitude and in silence. Here is a great place to start. I love this simple practice. Breathe into your Heart Center, slow and calming, asking Love to reveal itself. It will. Let it unfold. Keep Breathing. Avoid judging how it’s going. Just let your breath easily flow through your Heart. Do this for a few minutes every day. Be patient and loving with yourself and with LOVE. Love is not just a feeling but a Divine Presence. And, it will reveal itself to you. But I believe that, like anything you want to come around you, you need to nurture it, make it feel safe and make it feel wanted. The energy you focus your attention on and invite in is the energy that will surround you.

We live in a Universe of infinite possibilities. And you get to create and imagine your life. Does your life reflect what you believe about people and the world? If you don’t think it does, maybe it is in the process of shifting to reflect new attitudes or perspectives. Or maybe there are some old ideas hiding in there, ready to be discovered and released. Above all, I know that if you invite the essence of LOVE into your life as a daily practice, it will surely manifest.

You are LOVE.