This morning when I was outside with my dogs the most surprising thing happened. A bird landed on my head! I reacted in surprise and it quickly flew away. And then moments later a hummingbird appeared and hovered in front of me for a few seconds, flew a big loop around my backyard and flew away. It was so amazing. I can honestly say I have never had a bird land on my head before. I was startled and, at the same time, it got my attention. And I was very aware that as the hummingbird appeared an energy of palpable peace filled the air. It was powerful. And it was just what I needed in that moment. A sign and a gift from Divine Love Consciousness.

Signs from Spirit are all around us. I don’t think we need to specifically ask for signs because I believe we are generously being gifted with signs all the time. We just need to open ourselves to receiving them and hold the intention that any signs we need will come to us in a way that are meaningful and clear to understand. The more we open ourselves to receiving these guideposts from Spirit, the more our awareness of signs will increase.

Signs are Divine Guidance. We are never alone. We are loved and supported beyond anything we can imagine. As we slow down and tune into this Divine dimension of Life we can start to tune into these finer vibrations of loving support. A sign may come in the form of a white feather in your path, a number sequence like 1111 appearing again and again, or a sentence that leaps off a page you are looking at and speaks to you on a deeper level. Signs can come in almost any form. But, it will generally be something that is meaningful to you and catches your attention enough to stand out a bit from everything else. It makes you pause. And in that pause, is your message. It can take a little self-discipline to learn to catch yourself in that pause. I generally like to take note of what I was just thinking about in that moment. I have some signs that recur and I know now are like an affirmation from Spirit that what I was thinking in that exact moment is correct. For me those moments are a big, YES!, from Divine Love Consciousness. Other signs come as a presence of love and support in a trying moment. Other signs appear and point me in a certain direction when I am grappling with a decision. And I can always tell it’s a sign because it’s something that brings a sense of ease and peace, a softening. Spirit is loving and gentle and always supporting our highest good.

Invite the signs of loving guidance from Spirit into your Life. Take a moment to sit quietly and take a few deep, gentle breaths. Ask Spirit to show you the way. Feel yourself softening and opening. As you invite the guidance of Spirit into your Life, you will naturally attune to noticing the signs. This is a beautiful practice no matter where you are on your path, beginners and advanced practitioners alike, Spirit is always whispering in your ear and loving you beyond all understanding.

Always remember, you are LOVED.