Everything is energy. Everything vibrates. Basically, everything is made up of atoms and atoms are always vibrating. In fact, quantum physics describes the Universe as nothing more than vibrating strings of energy. A person, a table, an apple, a tree – they are all made of vibration at the atomic level. Their differences can be attributed to their rate of vibration. And everything that vibrates, makes sound. Some of this sound is audible, much of it isn’t.

But, for today, I would like to talk about what is audible. And specifically, I’d like to talk about the voice. We all talk every day. We talk to connect, to get things done, to share ideas and to express our thoughts and emotions. We laugh, we cry, we instruct, we sing, we question, we shout. But, how much thought do we give to what we are sending through voice and through our words? Because every single bit of it is transmitting a specific vibration that moves through us, our environment and the people we are communicating with.

Every time we make a sound we are sending out a vibration of a certain frequency. In the Sanskrit language, every word emits the frequency of what it is. So, for example, in Sanskrit the word Shanti means Peace. And when you say the word Shanti the vibration of that spoken word is the same vibration of the essence of Peace itself. But, I don’t think the way we speak our own language is too different from that. I think that the tone and intention with which we speak sends out a very specific vibration that is perceived on many different levels.

We take in words intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically. When someone you love says “I love you” with a great tenderness coming from their heart as well as their tone of voice it is something you feel in a positive way on every level. You soften. You can feel yourself relax into the warmth of that communication. The vibrations sent with this form of communication don’t just permeate the person they are being sent to, but also the entire space in and around the person sending and the person receiving this communication.

And, of course, the same thing happens when someone speaks with a harsh, cruel or judgmental tone. The space is filled with a completely different vibration. A vibration that causes each person to contract and that causes a stress induced fight or flight response from the primal brain. This sounds creates a chain reaction in the body that releases the stress hormone cortisol, which then kicks the body’s sympathetic nervous system into overdrive. These responses are healthy if your life is in danger but cause chronic stress and fatigue when happening repeatedly throughout the day and not in response to something like being eaten by a wild animal. And this repeated stress and anxiety create an unhealthy resonance in the body and being. All you have to do is imagine the difference between hearing the sounds of waves rolling and crashing on the beach versus the intense sound of screeching brakes on a car. I know I can feel the difference in my body immediately just imagining each scenario.

Every sound creates a vibration and a corresponding chain reaction. The human body is over 60% water. The blood is 92% water. Our brain and muscles are 75% water. Which make each of us very powerful conductors of sound and vibration. Which is why I believe our voices are so powerful. We use them every day. And the sounds we make coupled with the intention behind them vibrate out to create our environment both inside and outside our bodies. It’s like every day we are creating the vibrational soup that will either nourish us, help us to thrive and connect us to Source energy or fill us with poison, take us out of balance and pull us away from the beauty of who we are.

What kind of vibrational soup are you making and eating every day? I think by putting some gentle, loving attention on the words we choose and the thoughts and attitudes we hold as we send our words out to the world, we can create a very powerful healing and nourishing environment in which to live and thrive. Try being your own loving and powerful sound healer for a few days, or even for the rest of today, and see how it feels. Remember, this is for practice and play. Be easy and gentle with yourself. Practice and play.

And remember, you are LOVE.