Today I offer prayers of Blessing to Pacha Mama, Mother Earth. I ask that She be showered with Divine LOVE, Divine LIGHT and Supreme BLISS.

I offer Infinite Gratitude to Mother Earth, this beautiful Being, that supports and sustains us and provides more beauty than anyone could ever fully take in during a lifetime.

Thank you for the air that gives us breath, rich soil that gives us food and sweet waters that replenish and cleanse us.

I bow down to Mother Earth as a unique emanation of God. A beautiful and magnificent mystery creating and sustaining Life.

She is the shining Blue Pearl of the Universe. She dances through the cosmos, continuously giving of all that she is and all that she has. I offer gratitude from my Heart of Hearts for the gifts and LOVE of Mother Earth.

I ask that Divine Love Consciousness, the Source of All That Is, fill each of us with an overflowing LOVE for ourselves and for this Dear and Precious Planet that we are so Blessed to Live on. Let us see the Blessing of each day and of LIFE itself that we may make choices that honor all that we have been given. I ask that Divine Love Consciousness move through each of us in thought, word, action and inspiration.

Pacha Mama, Mother Earth, today and every day I offer you prayers of Peace, Healing, Gratitude and LOVE.

You are LOVED.