Kristi combines intuitive guidance and the healing arts to guide her clients towards personal empowerment as they navigate major life transitions.

Kristi is an experienced breathwork practitioner, coach and energy healer. She facilitates powerful sessions and breathwork ceremonies that clear the way for participants to discover and clear limiting belief systems and patterns so that they can create the life of their dreams.

Kristi has been studying and working in the healing arts for over 30 years and is trained in multiple modalities. She  is a Reiki Master teacher, intuitive spiritual coach and sound healer. She is certified  as a Grief Recovery Specialist through the Grief Recovery Institute. Her breathwork training includes Alchemy of Breath, Ecstatic Breathwork and Breath of Bliss. She uses each modality intuitively in both one-on-one sessions and in group ceremony to create custom healing unique to each person and gathering.

Kristi holds regular group breathwork journeys, works with clients one-on-one online and creates custom sacred ceremonies to honor life events such as birth, adoption, marriage, commitment, graduation and home blessings. 

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Whether you need healing, coaching, or help with a major life transition, Kristi helps her clients create positive transformation with expert intuitive guidance.