Lago di Garda by Edgar Moskopp

Lago di Garda by Edgar Moskopp

“Let Your Freak Flag Fly”

It’s Friday and I am feeling playful today. References to letting your freak flag fly appear all over the internet and in popular culture. It usually refers to some kind of action or aspect of appearance that is unconventional or doesn’t conform with society in general. In the song, “Almost Cut My Hair”, David Crosby refers to long hair as a freak flag. It can be used in an almost infinite amount of ways to say something about standing out and being different.

I think we all have our own unique kind of inner quality, freak flag signature. The unique combination of likes, dislikes and traits that come together to make us who we are. And each combination is as unique as a fingerprint. So, it’s interesting that we live in a world that highly values conformity and fitting in. It’s a strange dichotomy. Celebrities are often praised for being different and standing out. And yet, when someone does this in daily life they are often stared at, laughed at and openly ridiculed. So, it’s no wonder that we judge ourselves and try to disown the qualities that make us unique. And maybe that’s why some celebrities who cross the boundaries of “normal” are so celebrated. (Lady Gaga comes to mind) They are embracing and celebrating a freedom that we are not wiling to express for ourselves.

So, what about when what makes you different aren’t things that make you stand out. What if you don’t want to wear a dress made of stuffed animals or travel in an egg being carried by people dressed in gold plastic? What if what makes you different is a deep love of solitude? Or a passion for long hours committed to scientific discovery? We need to look inside ourselves and find the qualities that make us who we are. Once we know what they are we can see if we are embracing those qualities or if consciously, or unconsciously, we are sending ourselves messages that we should somehow be different.

It’s OK to be different from other people. And, it doesn’t support a foundation of confidence and self-love to be sending messages that we should be different from who we naturally are.

It’s time to embrace radical self-love and self-acceptance. What makes you, you? If you are naturally quiet, that is a beautiful thing. There is no need to think you would be a better person if you transformed into the life of the party. And if you are naturally silly and kooky, there is such natural joy there. Why try to morph into a serious person? And if you are naturally serious? Embrace that too. What would the world do without the grounded, thoughtfulness of a serious person? We are all special, unique contributions to this world. We all shine LIGHT in our own wonderful way. Take some time to take inventory of your own lovely qualities. And start loving your little inner freak with absolute abandon. Or your precious inner child with a sweet gentle embrace. Do it your way. But, do practice really, truly loving, appreciating and celebrating you.

Happy Freaky Friday.

You are LOVE.